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Grow Your Vision


Miss Patricia has been involved in fitness her entire life, and was greatly influenced by her father, a competitive bodybuilder and semi-pro baseball player. She learned early on in her years about the benefits of regular exercise and proper nutrition.


Miss Patricia has always been a motivator and mentor to individuals who come in contact with her, due to her self-discipline, training techniques and her overall charismatic outlook on life. Most recently, she has been a great influence on individuals over 40 who struggle with various ailments. Patricia, now in her late 50's lives with Hashimotos Hypothyroid and has learned to break through the barriers of this frustrating disease. Through her clean eating habits, careful supplementation intake, and rigorous exercise program, she is now in the best shape of her life and is improving daily.


Patricia  is an award-winning competitive bodybuilder, powerlifter and figure competitor and has recently thrown her hat in the ring to compete in Masters Physique.  Patricia has two grown sons, Jaron and Kayne, and is "Wela" to a lovely Granddaughter Miss Eliana Rose.  She also prides herself on her furrie babies, WellFIT’s assistant coaches — Uno, her Chihuahua / Rat Terrier / Jack Russell mix, and James Franco, her Doxy / Catahoula mix — both rescues from local San Antonio and Austin Shelters.

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